Style To Suit You

At Cripps & Sons we pride ourselves in the flexibility of the styles of our kitchens. Whether you’re into the sleek contemporary style kitchens, old-world style kitchens, or more traditional kitchens, we will build your cabinets to suit you.

Sturdy Construction

Unlike most of our competitors, our cabinets have full solid backs and full solid tops. All cabinets are screwed together and constructed with dadoes and tenons. All together this makes a strong cabinet box that will last for generations!

Built For Any Space

At Cripps & Sons there is no such thing as standard sized cabinets. Unlike big stores like Ikea, all our cabinets are custom sized and shaped to fit your available space with an emphasis on making your kitchen as efficient and practical as possible.

Advanced CNC MachineryFor QualityAnd Accuracy

With our advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery for cutting parts your cabinets are cut out with the utmost precision, ensuring perfectly sized cabinets to fit your space. All our hardware is laid out by CNC as well to ensure correct positioning inside the cabinets for top performance.

Customizable Designs

Using our state-of-the-art software we can alter every aspect of our cabinets so that you can customize to suit your preferences. Unlike big stores like Ikea, at Cripps & Sons there is no such thing as a standard cabinet.

Quality Accessories

From our various suppliers we are able to offer a vast range of cabinet accessories to maximize the functionality of your kitchen. We stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends and new products available, so we can offer them to our customers

Superior Finish

At Cripps & Sons we only use the best spray finishes on our cabinets to ensure a tough, quality finish to make your new kitchen last a lifetime. With our top quality spray equipment we are able to produce a beautiful and high-quality finish.

Unique 3D Design Technology

With our state-of-the-art kitchen design software, we can produce a detailed 3D picture of your kitchen. This means you can see exactly what your kitchen will look like before we start to cut it out, so there will be no surprises.


With our advanced CNC machinery and our advanced design software we are able to create and produce extra unique pieces to add that one-of-a-kind element to your kitchen.


At Cripps & Sons we also provide top quality cabinet lighting solutions, cabinet hardware, sinks, faucets, and laminate, solid surface, quartz and natural stone countertops through our partnered suppliers making Cripps & Sons the one-stop-shop for your entire kitchen.

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